THE HEIGHTENER                                  

"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall exalt you."  -James 4:10

Volume XXXIX

January 2, 2018

Number 1  



 Here's are some "Prayers for the New Year."  I need to utter these words, so I'll share them:

Help me see honestly, Jesus, if I love anyone more than I love You.  If so, I need to confess that sin and make a change.  Then spark my devotion to You and make me realize how much I need You.  In these months, be first in my heart. 


You've told me to love others, Jesus.  Whether I find that difficult or easy in the next year, may I be a light to those who live near me.  Show me how to reach out and touch anyone I meet in my community, however briefly. 


Lord, I dedicate myself anew to putting Your truths into action during the next twelve months.  Make my life a consistent service for You.  Work through me to bring Your grace to others.  


What can be more important in this year than communing with You, O Lord?  Out of this communion develop all other relationships.  Help me to consistently come to You in prayer.  


I look forward to seeing you for the FIRST Sunday of 2018 with a Bible, a smile and a positive word!  RA








Holy God of Heaven and Earth,

I know that a thousand years are as a day to you, but we humans are bound up in time. As a new year is about to begin, please teach me to . . .

• care more about people and less about things,

• enjoy my work but not let it enslave me,

• and laugh more easily than I did last year.


As I get ready for 2014, help me to remember things that are easy to forget . . .

• that it might well be my last year,

• that some people are counting on me,

• and that you have things for me to do.


Lord, with the things I have accumulated over the years, please let me . . .

• shake off the monotony of life,

• try some new things in this new year,

• and mend some broken fences.


And, Father of Mercies, please teach me in this new and unspoiled year to . . .

• lighten up and enjoy children, sunsets, reading, and long walks,

• avoid quarrels and work at being a peacemaker in this world,

• and start next year with fewer regrets than I bring to 2014.


I cannot know what this year will bring, and I am grateful for that! But help me . . .

• eat less junk food,

• exercise and take better care of my body,

• and learn to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.


Above all other things, Father, I want to be your instrument for . . .

• easing somebody’s too-heavy load,

• relieving some sad person’s misery,

• and introducing some lost soul to Jesus.


Come what may in the year about to begin, may we live it for your glory, within your will, and to your delight.

We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.







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"Thank you, Cedar Grove, for delivering the truck load of clothes and food from the congregation.  You always seem to be right on time."  -- Alfred Donald 





Southside Area Youth Devotional 


January 21, 2018

Cedar Grove 

5:00 p.m.



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Congratulations to Craig and Sharon Hodges on the birth of a granddaughter.  Alice Elaine DeCoster was born on January 2.  She weighed 7 lb. 13 oz. and was 20 inches long.  




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Dear Brethren,

Your check dated October 3 in the amount of $4, 500 was received by Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort, Inc. and was greatly appreciated.  The Lord's work could not continue without the financial support from you and others each year.

We are now sending supplies to California for the victims of the wild fires and different areas affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana and areas affected by Hurricane Irma in Florida.  We have sent our first supplies to Puerto Rico.  We are prepared to send more shipments of food, baby supplies, cleaning products, personal care items, water, appliances, bedding and other much needed supplies to victims of disasters as needed.  

Thanks again for your support, and please keep us in your prayers, as we continue to strive to help those in need.

Yours in Christ,

Mike Lewis, Executive Director.  

Total Value of Supplies Given to Disaster Survivors through November 2017

 By State

















North Carolina






South Carolina






Puerto Rico


US Virgin Islands










 Notes following Youth Exposure Camp

Dear Church Family,

Each time I accompany the youth on a trip like Exposure I learn a great deal more.  I learn that we have a really awesome group of kids and that group texts with them involve far too many emojis! The support of the congregation for the youth is very much appreciated!

Much love, Janine

 P.S.  If you have never stood among hundreds or thousands of young people while singing praises to God, I highly recommend it!

Dear Cedar Grove Family, 

Thank you" is not enough to express our appreciation for giving us the opportunity to experience not only our youth together, but also over 2,000 Christians together to praise God!! 

Thank you for your love and support of the Cedar Grove Youth!!


Dear Congregation, 

I don't know how we could go without you.  Thank you.  

Clark Coggin

Thank you for sponsoring our trip to Exposure.  We all had lots of fun!  


Thank you for sponsoring our trip.  I have had a great time.

 Conner Adams

Thank you for helping us go on this trip.  


Thank you for sponsoring our trip.  I greatly enjoyed it.  

Amber May

Dear Cedar Grove Family,

Thank you for helping make this trip happen.  I love coming together with other Christians to learn more about God and his words.  To see over 2,400 Christians come together in one room, one house and sing God's praises and learn his word is amazing.  I love going to these retreats and I thank every single one of you for helping make this trip happen!  

With love, Cassidy


Dear Cedar Grove,

Thank you for sponsoring this year's trip to EYC!  This has been an amazing experience!  I am so thankful I was able to have this time with the CG family, getting a little more about my relationships.  

I would like to thank all of you for accepting me into yo7ur wonderful Cedar Grove family.  I love the friends that I have made and I value the memories we have made.  Each time I come back to Cedar Grove I am reminded that God is with me and I am never alone.  I love you all.  

I would also like to thank everyone for continued prayers and support as I just only can watch my sweet sister go through chemotherapy.  We both feel all of you love and prayers.  I hope t one day bring her to meet you all.  

Bailie Rhodes



Dear Cedar Grove Family,

I want to thank the church for all that was done for me during my sickness.  

With Christian love, 

Jeanette Bullington








Eddie Brown's brother, Robert Downing, has pneumonia and is in the hospital in Milledgeville.  

Continue to remember Susan Carson, Stan Caudle, Donna Kirk, Dick and Barbara Massey, Jean McBride, Hilda Morrow, Lanier Richards, and Jimmy Wellborn.


Bible Reading Schedule for 2018


Read the Bible Chronologically

Week 1

January 1 Genesis 1-2; Psalm 19; Mark 1

January 2 Genesis 3-5; Mark 2

January 3 Genesis 6-8; Psalm 104; Mark 3

January 4 Genesis 9-11; Mark 4

January 5 Genesis 12-15; Ps.148; Mark 5


Week 2

January   8 Genesis 16-18; Mark 6

January   9 Genesis 19-20; Psalm 1; Mark 7

January 10 Genesis 21-23; Ps. 107; Mark 8

January 11 Genesis 24-25; Psalm 4; Mark 9

January 12 Genesis 26-27; Mark 10


Week 3

January 15 Genesis 28-29; Mark 11

January 16 Genesis 30-31; Ps.11; Mark 12

January 17 Genesis 32-34; Ps.145; Mark 13

January 18 Genesis 35-37; Ps. 12; Mark 14;

January 19 Genesis 38-40; Mark 15



Week 4

January 22 Genesis 41-42; Mark 16

January 23 Genesis 43-44; Ps.24; Galatians 1

January 24 Genesis 45-46; Psalm 108;
                   Galatians 2

January 25 Genesis 47-48; Psalm 25;
                    Galatians 3

January 26 Genesis 49-50; Galatians 4



Week 5

January 29 Exodus 1-3; Galatians 5

January 30 Exodus 4-6; Galatians 6

January 31 Exodus 7-9; Ps. 105; Ephesians 1

February 1 Exodus 10-12; Ephesians 2

February 2 Exodus 13-15; Psalm 114;
                   Ephesians 3

Read the Bible in Order

January  1 Genesis 1-4

January  2 Genesis 5-8

January  3 Genesis 9-11

January  4 Genesis 12-14

January  5 Genesis 15-17

January  6 Genesis 18-20

January  7 Genesis 21-23

January  8 Genesis 24-26

January  9 Genesis 27-29

January 10 Genesis 30-32

January 11 Genesis 33-35

January 12 Genesis 36-38

January 13 Genesis 39-41

January 14 Genesis 42-44

January 15 Genesis 45-47

January 16 Genesis 48-50

January 17 Exodus 1-4

January 18 Exodus 5-7

January 19 Exodus 8-10

January 20 Exodus 11-13

January 21 Exodus 14-16

January 22 Exodus 17-19

January 23 Exodus 20-22

January 24 Exodus 23-25

January 25 Exodus 26-28

January 26 Exodus 29-31

January 27 Exodus 32-34

January 28 Exodus 35-37

January 29 Exodus 38-40

January 30 Catch-up day

January 31 Catch-up day



Read the Bible Chronologically

Week 49

December 5 – Esther 7-10; Revelation 3

December 6 – Ezra 7-10; Psalm 97; 
                        Revelation 4

December 7 – Nehemiah 1-3; Revelation 5

December 8 – Nehemiah 4-6; Psalm 98;
                        Revelation 6

December 9 – Nehemiah 7-9; Psalm 140; 
                        Revelation 7


Week 50

December 12 – Nehemiah 10-13; 
                          Revelation 8

December 13 – Malachi 1-4; Psalm 2;
                          Revelation 9

December 14 – Job 1-3; Psalm 29; 
                          Revelation 10

December 15 – Job 4-7; Psalm 99; 
                          Revelation 11

December 16 – Job 8-11; Revelation 12


Week 51

December 19 – Job 12-14; Psalm 100; 
elation 13

December 20 – Job 15-17; Revelation 14 

December 21 – Job 18-20; Psalm 141; 
                           Revelation 15

December 22 – Job 21-23; Psalm 101;
                           Revelation 16

December 23 – Job 24-27; Revelation 17


Week 52

December 26 – Job 28-30; Revelation 18

December 27 – Job 31-33; Psalm 102;  
Revelation 19

December 28 – Job 34-36; Revelation 20

December 29 – Job 37-39; Psalm 103;
                           Revelation 21

December 30 – Job 40-42; Psalm 150;
                           Revelation 22



Read the Bible in Order

December 1  2 Corinthians 1-5

December 2  2 Corinthians 6-9

December 3  2 Corinthians 10-13

December 4  Galatians 1-3

December 5  Galatians 4-6

December 6  Ephesians 1-3

December 7  Ephesians 4-6

December 8  Philippians 1-4

December 9  Colossians 1-4

December 10  1 Thessalonians 1-5

December 11  2 Thessalonians 1-3

December 12  1 Timothy 1-3

December 13  1 Timothy 4-6

December 14  2 Timothy 1-4

December 15  Titus 1-3; Philemon

December 16  Hebrews 1-5

December 17  Hebrews 6-9

December 18  Hebrews 10-13

December 19  James 1-5

December 20  1 Peter 1-5

December 21  2 Peter 1-5

December 22  1 John 1-5

December 23  2 John; 3 John; Jude

December 24  Revelation 1-4

December 25  Revelation 5-7

December 26  Revelation 8-10

December 27  Revelation 11-13

December 28  Revelation 14-16

December 29  Revelation 17-19

December 30  Revelation 20-22

December 31 Catch-up day







January    2

Alex Greenwald

January  14

Cole Denton

January 16

Stan Caudle

January 16

Ross Anderson

January 17

Craig Hodges

January  18

Danice Perry

January  19

Tammy Ward

January  24

 Harrison Hamby







THOSE TO SERVE - January 7, 2018


Greg Cannon

Song Leader

Greg Cannon

Opening Prayer

Jim Warren

Lord's Table

* Joe Maddox


* Jim May


Steve Esler


David Grogan

Scripture Reading

Greg Granberry


Genesis 3:8-12

Closing Prayer

Eddie Brown


Welcome - PM

Greg Cannon

Song Leader

Greg Cannon

Opening Prayer

Larry Simmons

Scripture Reading

Jimmy Pulliam


Psalm 1:1-3

Closing Prayer

David Grogan

Communion Preparation


Nursery Attendant





Cedar Grove Church of Christ

Serving in Our Assemblies



January 7

January 14

January 21

January 28

Call to Worship

Greg Cannon

Jimmy Pulliam

Doyle White

David White


Greg Cannon

Jimmy Pulliam

Doyle White

David White

Opening Prayer

Jim Warren

David White

Larry Simmons

Jim May

Table – Lead

Joe Maddox

Greg Granberry

Jim Warren

Jimmy Pulliam


Jim May

Greg Cannon

Greg Cannon

Phil Hamby

Table – Serve

Steve Esler

David Grogan

Bill Baker

Steve Esler


David Grogan

Bill Baker

Jim May

Collins Egwu


Greg Granberry

Jim Warren

Donnie White

Larry Simmons

Closing Prayer

Eddie Brown

Donnie White

Collins Egwu

James Elliott




January 7

January 14

January 21

January 28

Call to Worship

Greg Cannon

Jimmy Pulliam

Doyle White

David White


Greg Cannon

Jimmy Pulliam

Doyle White

David White

Opening Prayer

Larry Simmons

Phil Hamby

Jimmy Pulliam

Eddie Brown


Jimmy Pulliam

Doyle White

Ed Kelly

Donnie White

Closing Prayer

David Grogan

Eddie Brown

Jim May

Ed Kelly



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Bible School


Worship AM


Worship PM


Wednesday Bible Study