THE HEIGHTENER                                  

"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall exalt you."  -James 4:10


October 23, 2007

Number 43




Our Cedar Grove leadership has made some suggestions to enhance our leadership and add to the service of our deacons. 

Several men were presented to the congregation Sunday:  Doyle White to be considered as an elder; David Hamby and Todd Wisenbaker as additional deacons.  I certainly appreciate men and their families who dedicate them-selves to the kingdom in a special way – we wouldn’t get much done without them!  I hope we’ll all take note of this moment as a positive turning point for our Cedar Grove family. 


Here’s an article I noticed pertaining to church leader-ship. It makes an important point:

“An elder is a husband, a father, a son, a son-in-law, a disciple of Christ, and a guardian of the faith. He leaves for work each morning as early as anyone does and returns home as late . . . but then he heads for the church building or prepares for evening guests.  When the building’s open, he’s there.  He leads study groups.  He nurtures a young convert.  He prepares a Sunday morning class.  Then late Sunday evening you’ll often find him still at our building, planning, dreaming, and praying for our common future.  Some weeks he devotes parts of almost every day to working directly in God’s kingdom.  He’s called on to be a referee, a diplomat, a lawyer, a psychologist, a judge, a sounding board, a friend.   And   he   bleeds   like

everyone else!   He’s no more physically healthy than any of us.  His privacy needs are just as strong.  He has good days and bad days at home . . . and at work. He enjoys no moratorium on parental anxieties.  His things break down just like yours.  He wonders just like you where the money will come from.  His future is no more certain than yours is; but somehow by the grace of God he adds to his concerns yours.  “At times he feels personally responsible for the whole church and each brother and sister in it.  He is saddened by the creases on our brows and the tensions in our voices.  He wants to please everyone, but called by God to lead and love us all, different as we are, he simply cannot.  He recognizes harmful decisions and agonizes over whether to voice his concern or respect our privacy.  He hates confrontation but he knows eternal destinies are at stake.  Understanding spiritual realities better than most of us, he feels too often desperately inadequate and vulnerable.  Too often he goes unnoticed.  Who compliments him as they may a minister?  “Good eldering this week, brother!  It really made me think.”  But he may just be the reason you and many you love are still loyal to God’s kingdom. Try to imagine your church without them! (by Dale Pauls) 


I hope you’re making plans for our “Friend Day.”  Remember, there is one word that defines the difference between churches that grow and those that don’t:  INVITE.  I look forward to seeing you Sunday with a Bible, a smile and a positive word! RA




October 28, 2007





Winners for October 21 were:



A diaper shower is planned to help Joe and Sharon Minichowski get ready for their baby on Sunday, November 4.  We will have finger foods after the evening assembly.  It’s a girl!






Everyone is invited to attend our Fall Festival on Friday, October 26 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the church building.  You may wear your costumes.  We need each family to donate one bag of candy to be brought to church by October 24.  There will be a sign up list for food posted on the bulletin board soon. 







The 37th Annual Atlanta World Mission Forum will be October 24-28 at the Forest Park church.  More information is posted on the bulletin board.  




Thank you to those men who helped with the work on the storage building last Saturday.  Tyhose helping were:  Jim O’Brien, Jimmy Pulliam, Steve Putman, and Todd Wisenbaker.







Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I ask for your prayers because I feel helpless in physical things but know I constantly need the continued prayers of my fellow saints for spiritual strength. 

I also ask for prayers for Lynda as well.

Tom Hopkins




Sally Ray’s mother, Rose Stiles, is scheduled for more tests this week.

Greg and Rhonda Cannon, Alex Greenwald and Kathy Ripley were sick Sunday.

Doyle & Ralph White’s niece, Beth Peeler, will be having surgery for a malignancy on Friday.

Continue to remember Evelyn Bohannon, Susan Carson, Nell Peters, J. W. Raines, Richard & Joyce Smith, and

Geneva White.



THOSE TO SERVE - October 28, 2007


Ross Anderson

Song Leader

Greg Cannon

Opening Prayer

Doyle White

Lord's Table

*Todd Wisenbaker


*Keith Bearden


Dave Hamby


Jimmy Pulliam

Scripture Reading

Chris Thompson


     Luke 7:31-34

Closing Prayer

Keith Bearden

Welcome -PM

Ross Anderson

Song Leader

Greg Cannon  

Opening Prayer

Phil Hamby

Scripture Reading

Jim O'Brien


            1 Samuel 22:2-4

Closing Prayer

Romeo Brinkley

Communion Preparation

Betty Bearden

Nursery Attendant



Nancy Northcutt, Ginny Hunter




RECORD 10/21/07

Bible School


Worship AM


Worship PM


Wednesday Bible Study