THE HEIGHTENER                                  

"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall exalt you."  -James 4:10


November 6, 2007

Number 45




Here’s a wonderful reminder of those things that really matter.  It is by Dale Andrews.

“Life is a lot simpler than we are accustomed. We Americans are loaded down with endless amounts of machinery – including social machinery. Our equipment with computer chips does wonderful things for us, but they take us farther and farther away from the simplicities of life.  We also have complex institutions that have helped us create all sorts of wealth and efficiency. The trouble is that we begin to think that they are all absolutely necessary.

“The essence of being alive is really quite simple.  With a little bit of food and water, you are set for the day.  You really don't require much more than your pet. The rest is culturally created. The costs of comfort and longevity are high. In the end, both fail.

“Our technologic world is wonderful in so many ways, but it is a demanding task-master. It takes more earning hours to pay for it and keep it going than we could ever imagine. The computers that were supposed to bring us a thirty-hour work week have brought us an eighty hour work week. The additional hours have been taken from our spiritual time and time with our families.

“Each day, I look for ways to simplify – to cut out things that don't have to happen.  I try to respond to the obvious needs, while ignoring the extras that, in the end, make no real difference at all. To cover all of the minor tasks and  miss

a sunset is tragic.  Noah's modern flood is one of paper and junk, instead of rain and storm.  However, it is doing the same thing. We are drowning in the lesser things of life.

Fill the trashcan.  Ignore the phone.  Go for a walk.  Live!”


G. Wyatt Shaw at the East Point church calls them “PUNgent comments on Biblical Characters.”  Here are some samples:

·                     Joseph’s garment was found in the hands of a designing woman.

·                     The prodigal son “passed out” of his father’s jurisdiction, but returned home     when he “came to himself.”

·                     Esau was Isaac’s deer son.

·                     Nicodemus went to night school.

·                     If Jesus had broken his fast by turning stones into bread, as the devil  suggested, he would have had rocks in his head.

·                     Once while in exile, Elijah was “raven” over his food.

·                     Samuel was an expert at checkers, for he crowned two kings.

·                     When Gideon demanded some further proof that he was divinely assigned to a task, he got fleeced.

·                     Amnon abused his half sister, but he couldn’t Tamar.

·                     When Paul arrived in Athens , the language spoken by the natives was “Greek” to him.

·                     While Jacob had “daughters” only one of them is named, but as to another, we’re sure Dinasaur.

If he refused to take a bath, would one of the gospel writers have been a filthy Lucas?


Our devotional thought on “The Fear of the Lord” from was contributed by Heather Thompson.  I look forward to seeing you Sunday with a Bible, a smile and a positive word!        RA





Fear of the Lord


Fear of the LORD leads to life,

bringing security and protection from harm   (Proverbs 19:23). 


What is this “fear of the Lord” that brings such a wonderful promise of security?  When you fear something, on some level, it’s always in your thoughts.  People who have phobias structure their whole lives around what they fear (consciously or unconsciously).  Perhaps this is part of what “fear of the Lord” means.  It’s not so much an emotion as it’s a healthy reverence for the most powerful being that exists, and a structuring of one’s life around what would please this God.  It’s not God we want to avoid, but anything that would displease him or dishonor his holiness.






A diaper shower is planned to help Joe and Sharon Minichowski get ready for their baby on Sunday, November 4.  We will have finger foods after the evening assembly.  It’s a girl!






Sunday, November 18 is the Thanksgiving Appeal day for Georgia AGAPE this year.  AGAPE has set a goal to raise over $340,000 this year.  As you consider participating, think of the children AGAPE serves who depend on our support. 









The Middle Fayette church invites you to a Gospel Meeting November 9-11.  More information is on the bulletin board.

The Chestnut Drive congregation is having a Marriage Enrichment Seminar November 9-10.  Glenn Colley will be the facilitator.

The Annual Youth Lectureship at Lithia Springs will be Saturday, November 10. 

The Seventh Anniversary / Homecoming Gospel Meeting at the Riverdale church will be Sunday, November 11. 




Our Holiday Party this year will be Saturday, December 8.  We will be doing something different this year and there is a list on the Involvement Team bulletin board to indicate if you will be attending.  We will have further details soon. 






        It is time to update our e-mail and cell phone lists.  Please make any changes to your information on the list.  If you would like to be added to either list, please add your name and information. 




       Chris and Renee’ Hodges are attending church in Villa Rica and want us to know that they are expecting a baby in April. 





Tom Hopkins is now at home recovering from surgery.

Sheila Hunt is scheduled to see a surgeon this week regarding heart surgery.

Willie Mae Warren’s brother, Walter Richards, is in the hospital.

Carol Hines, cousin of Joyce Robbins and Tom Raines, had surgery on Monday of this week. 

Paul Smith, and Gracie and Hayden Thompson were sick Sunday.Jacquelyn McDowell was sick Sunday.

Continue to remember Evelyn Bohannon, Susan Carson, Nell Peters, J. W. Raines, Richard & Joyce Smith, and

Geneva White.



THOSE TO SERVE - November 11, 2007


Ross Anderson

Song Leader

Greg Cannon

Opening Prayer

Romeo Brinkley

Lord's Table

*Chris King


*Bill Moore


Chris Greenwald


Tom Raines

Scripture Reading

Jim Warren


     Psalm 70:4, 5

Closing Prayer

Ed Kelly

Welcome -PM

Ross Anderson

Song Leader

Greg Cannon  

Opening Prayer

Dick Massey

Scripture Reading

Jimmy Pulliam


Proverbs 28:18-21

Closing Prayer

Joe Maddox

Communion Preparation


Myra White

Nursery Attendant

Peggy Hamby & Lynn Pulliam




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Bible School


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