THE HEIGHTENER                                  

"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall exalt you."  -James 4:10


June 12, 2007

Number 24



Dear Dad

Christianity Today invited readers to send in letters to their fathers.  Many were excellent; only one could be published.  It is reproduced below.  Even though this letter is from a female, its sentiments are appropriate for fathers of sons or daughters.  We think the principles will be helpful. 

Dear Dad,

Remember when you told me you wanted your first child to be a girl, and that you would give your life for me? Well, because of that, Dad, I always knew that you wanted me.

Remember when you told me I had a curfew, that you had to meet my dates, and that you wanted to know if I was happy or sad? Well, because of that, Dad, I always knew that you cared about me.

Remember when you cried before you walked me down the aisle and you told me I was your baby girl? Well, because of that, Dad, I knew that you missed me.

Remember when you said that someday when you passed away, you knew I would be okay, that I was smart, strong, and successful? Well, because of that Dad, I knew that you were proud of me.

Don't you see, Dad? I have confidence because I always knew you wanted me, I'm happy because I always knew you cared about me, and I'm strong because I always knew you missed me. I was able to get my degree because I always knew you were proud of me. And most of all, I have love in my heart because I always knew that you loved me.

I thank my Father in Heaven for giving me you, Dad. And because he did, I always knew that God blessed me.

I love you, Dad! Happy Father's Day!

Linda Ferris

       Lincoln Park, Michigan





Cedar Grove Family,

Thank you so much for the flowers you sent us celebrating Nina’s arrival.  Mark and I appreciate your thoughtfulness during this time in our lives.  Nina is the perfect addiction to our family and we can’t wait for you to meet her.

Thanks again for the flowers and for your prayers and support.  We hope to see you soon!


Mark, Mandy, Ethan & Ethan


A family church picnic is planned for Saturday, June 30 at the Newnan Utility Park.  We have the pavilion reserved from 8:00 – 12:00.  Come when you like and we will plan to eat about 11:00.  Each family is to bring their own food. We will have to be out of the pavilion at 12:00 but you can stay as long as you like for the children to play.   



The sympathy of the congregation is extended to Greg and Rhonda Cannon and Rhonda’s family in the death of her

mother, Doris Phillippi, on Sunday.  Funeral services will be this week in Ohio.



Faulkner University has a new service:  its own travel website –  This new service

islikehaving our own “Expedia” just for Faulkner supporters and friends!  You get access to the same airlines, hotels

and rental car companies, cruises and vacation packages you find on all the other major travel websites, and you

get some of the lowest travel prices on the internet!  In addition, when you book travel on our website, Faulkner

University will get 40% of the commissions.  More information is on the bulletin board.





We recently received a letter from Gerry Blackwood of Rainbow Omega.  He states in part:

“I want to express my thanks to you for allowing some of our residents to visit with your recently.  Rainbow Omega is

blessed to have friends like you and we want you to know how much we appreciate your support.  The ladies put on

a wonderful meal for us.  We thank you for that for that thoughtfulness . . . not only for the good eating but the

fellowship time.  Our folks are still talking about the good time they had visiting with you.”



Joyce Robbins had to return to the hospital last week and had more surgery on Monday.

Continue to remember Evelyn Bohannon, Susan Carson, Nell Peters, J. W. Raines, Richard

and Joyce Smith Geneva White, Virgil Mize and Heather Moore.



THOSE TO SERVE - June17, 2007


Ross Anderson

Song Leader

Jimmy Pulliam

Opening Prayer

Joe Maddox

Lord's Table

*Jim May


*Bill Moore


Chris Thompson


Todd Wisenbaker

Scripture Reading

Merritt Eagling


      Colo ssians 3:18-20

Closing Prayer

Dick Massey

Welcome -PM

Ross Anderson

Song Leader

Jimmy Pulliam  

Opening Prayer

Tom Hopkins

Scripture Reading

Armando Banuelos


Isaiah 55:10, 11

Closing Prayer

Phil Hamby

Communion Preparation

Peggy Hamby

Nursery Attendant


Susan May




RECORD 6/10/07

Bible School


Worship AM


Worship PM


Wednesday Bible Study



$ 2,575.50