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"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall exalt you."  -James 4:10


January 9, 2007

Number  2



Married December 24, 1943, J. W. and Vivian faced life side by side for 63 years!  They remained together until her worn body was depleted.  Vivian had looked after everybody who needed it for many years.  Not only did she provide amply for her own family – she also took care of her father and two of her brothers for many years.  She possessed an adventurous spirit, and the family has entertained us with many stories of her episodes of home improvement and “remodeling.” 

It was her grandchildren, however, who seemed to get an extra portion of her love and attention.  As Chris Thompson put it, “She loved us with food!”

As the Alzheimer’s condition took hold more and more firmly, the roles gradually reversed.  For nine years, J. W. has become the loving caretaker.  He’s faithfully provided for all her needs, daily giving support and emotional nourishment.  She passed away just minutes after J. W. arrived at the Health Care Center on December 30.  The hospice nurse stated, “She literally waited for him to get here.”

As we look back on Vivian, we see that the Alzheimer’s disease progressively took away much of her personality here, but it could not rob her of her eternal spirit.  It removed much of her recognition, but it could not take away the twinkle from her eye.  Even though her body eventually yielded, her living has not been in vain.  Her influence continues. 

I can’t make the point nearly as well as a family member.  On behalf of the family, Chris has written a tribute to his grandmother.  I want to reproduce it here:


Dear Cedar Grove Family.

As we said out final good-byes to out beloved Vivian this past week, out hearts were naturally met with much sadness.  As we had to release her into the hands of the Almighty, we were all faced with an extreme sense of loss.  We do realize, however, that she has received her heavenly reward.  We know that her mind and spirit have been made anew and that the angels rejoiced in welcoming her to her new eternal home.  But for those of us she left behind we miss her dearly and we so look forward to the day that we, too, shall all be rejoined with her in heaven.  As a family, we’re thankful we were able to share her with all of you that had the privilege of knowing her.  She and Paw-paw’s example of their undying love for each other and their 63 years of marriage demonstrate what we all should strive towards.  We’ll miss all the things that she has meant to all of us. 

As we reflect on her life of loving tenderness and the Christian example she set for all our family, we can’t help but feel that each and every one of you had a part of it.  Since the first day our family first set foot in this building all those many years ago, we’ve always known that this is a special place.  We realize this isn’t by accident; this is by the love and grace of God and for this we are grateful.  In times like these, we draw strength from not only the Almighty but from our church family as well – a church family that has played a part and had an influence in both Vivian’s life as well as our entire family.  It’s also times like this, when there is much sadness, that the love from your fellow brothers and sisters mean so much. 

As our family has come to terms with this sense of loss we gain strength by surrounding ourselves with this church family.  There are not words to properly convey how important and special each one of you is to us.  We know that when one heart breaks we all feel each other’s sadness. But also realize that we gain strength from your words of encouragement.

Though coming to grips with this loss isn’t easy, having each of you to help walk us through this time in our lives means more than you will ever know.  We ask that you will continue to encourage and lift up in prayer Paw-paw as he begins this next chapter of his life without the love of his life.  He has exemplified what a loving, dedicated and supportive husband should be over these past 9 years during Granny’s illness and you will not find a more loving and dedicated individual. 

As for each of you gathered today, we want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who took the time to help prepare and serve food, the many calls, visits, flowers and most importantly the prayers.  We could not ask for a more loving church family.  Cedar Grove is a special place made up of special people and for that we are thankful.

On behalf of Paw-paw, Tom and Anne, Joyce, Adam and Rachel and Heather and me, we offer a deep sincere “Thank You.”  Your love and concern sustains us.

In Christ,

Chris Thompson







There is still quite a bit of mail to be picked up from the mailboxes in the foyer.  Please take time to check your box.



The Men’s Retreat will be at Bald Rock Lodge at Cheaha Mountain State Park in Alabama .  Plans are to leave on January 12 and return on the 14th.  So far there are 38 commitments.  Don’t be left behind!  Sign the list on bulletin board to attend.  If you haven’t paid yet, please give your money to Jimmy Pulliam as soon as possible. 



Dear Friends at Cedar Grove,

I would like to give a big thank you for all your cards and prayers for me during my illness over the holidays.  You are also thoughtful.

In Christian love,

Helen Mitchell

(Bobby Mitchell’s mother)



A diaper shower is planned to help Dave and Jana Hamby get ready for their new son.  It will be after our evening assembly on January 14.  We will have a finger food meal, so bring your favorites



The McDonough Bible College invites you to an Open House on Sunday, January 14 from 2:00 – 5:30 p.m.  The invitation is posted on the bulletin board.  




There is a brochure with information concerning Camp Inagehi posted on the bulletin board.


James Elliott’s father had back surgery Monday and is beginning his recovery.

Barbara Massey’s mother, Freddie Roddenberry, has been sick.

Jim and Willie Mae Warren’s daughter, Tracy Brunk, will be having more tests.

Tom Raines was sick Sunday.

Continue to remember Evelyn Bohannon, Susan Carson, Nell Peters, J. W., Richard & Joyce Smith and Geneva White.



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