THE HEIGHTENER                                  

"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall exalt you."  -James 4:10


September 27, 2006

Number 39




Wasnít it terrific to hear of the success that has been enjoyed by Georgia AGAPE? When Charles Hampton visited last week, he informed us that AGAPE has served 113 children so far this year!  Since its beginning, AGAPE has served over 1,000 children now.  I continue to give thanks that our Cedar Grove congregation has been so deeply involved in the work of that agency.  I am also thankful that within our church family we have so many who are so generous in their support. 


Last week (September 20) was also significant for another reason:  with 145 in attendance, it marked our second highest assembly this year.  I think thatís interesting because it occurred on a day when we werenít having a special promotion; it was just a normal Sunday at Cedar Grove.  That suggests that we are on a positive trend.  If youíve noticed our contribution figures, you may have observed that our offerings are producing the same positive indications. 

Of course, our goals in ministry do not merely zero in on reaching a potential number for our contributions and our attendance. The route we take in reaching our spiritual destination is also vital.  We canít control the results of our ministry.  But we can control what we put into it ó the amount of time, the type of effort, the quality of work. This needs to be our focus, not just a number! 

Theologian  Henri Nouwen once said, ďWe cannot make it rain, but we can see to it that the rain falls on prepared soil.Ē


I look forward to seeing you Sunday with a Bible, a smile, and a positive word!                                    RA





Psalm 118:24

Iím not the kind of person who bounces out of bed each morning with a song 
on his heart.  In fact, most often my first waking thoughts are of the problems 
I am currently facing. If I didnít make a conscious effort to redirect them, I 
would undoubtedly begin each day in a bad mood.

Todayís verse helps me change the course of each day. Reminding myself 
that this is Godís day ó he made it ócauses me to look for signs of his 
presence in every detail. The morning air, the blue skies, the birds, the 
neighborís fresh-cut lawn ó these all remind me that this is Godís world, 
and it is his day. He made it for us to live in his presence.

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it 
(Psalm 118:24).

Itís amazing how greeting each day with these words can change your
 perspective. It seems too simple, but it works.  (Steve May)





As a mission project, the Kelly/Noble Involvement Team would like to help Harvey Starling.  When he was at Cedar Grove he told us about the ladies in Romania who were making quilts for those in need.  We would like to give them money to buy materials they need to make the quilts.  If you would like to help with this, there will be a box on the table in the foyer that you can put your contribution in.  We will be collecting money through November.  Thank you! 



The Kelly/Noble Involvement Team will have a finger food fellowship on Sunday, September 24, after the morning worship.  There will be a short meeting after the meal. 



Merritt Eagling and Mandy Thompson both have new addresses.  The information is in the church office. 


The Lithia Springs church of Christ will have a Gospel meeting October 1-5 with Paul Sain speaking. 



All those who are interested are invited to go to the ACS gym after the evening assembly on Sunday, October 8 for a period of fun and fellowship. 





The sympathy of the congregation is extended to Ralph and Geneva White and their family in the death of her mother, Emily Bronson, last Thursday.  Funeral services were on Sunday. 

Look Who's Having a Birthday!


Oct   10 Paul Smith
Oct  14 Andy Putman
Oct   17 Sheila Hunt
Oct   18 Jimmy Scott
Oct   20 Tom Hopkins
Clara Kirby
Oct   21 Lynn Pulliam
Oct   24 Ron Dockery
Oct   25 Bobby Mitchell
Oct   31 Jill Marlow





Nell Peters is preparing for pacemaker surgery soon.

Will Anderson, Rossí father, is in the hospital in Greeneville, Tennessee.

Devin Hunt and Tom Raines were sick Sunday.

Continue to remember Evelyn Bohannon, Susan Carson, Nell Peters, J. W. and Vivian Raines, Richard & Joyce Smith and Geneva White.





Ross Anderson

Song Leader

Jimmy Pulliam

Opening Prayer

Keith Bearden

Lord's Table

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*Brandon Marlow


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Joe Minichowski

Scripture Reading

Jimmy Scott


John 10:11-13

Closing Prayer

James Elliott

Welcome -PM

Ross Anderson

Song Leader

Jimmy Pulliam  

Opening Prayer

Dick Massey

Scripture Reading

Jim O'Brien


    Psalm 68:1-4

Closing Prayer

Jim Warren

Communion Preparation

Nancy Kirkland

Nursery Attendant

Rebecca O'Brien


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