"A great door for effective work has opened to me." (1 Corinthians 16:9)

Our Mission Outreach

Cedar Grove Church has had a very strong emphasis on missions throughout its 30 years of work for God and we are committed to the teaching in the  “great commission”. We have designated the fifth Sunday contributions to be the backbone of our mission efforts and by using regular funds and one-time contributions we fund special needs and requests. 

Mission fields we are currently supporting are:

Robert Martin in the South Pacific Islands 

For 30 years Robert and Mary Martin have lived and reared their family in the South Pacific Islands.  They are dedicated and true Christians carrying the gospel to 18 of the 22 countries in the Pacific region.  They have helped in establishing the Lord’s church in 15 of those countries.  They have helped in the establishing 27 congregations and hundreds have been baptized.  They have and continue to train leaders, preachers, teachers, and soul-winners in every country where they have established the Lord’s church.

 The Pacific work is truly a great challenge but the Martins have been up to that challenge and more.  Cedar Grove Church is happy to help with the support of such dedicated workers for Christ and we have done so for almost 30 years. 

John Kashorek in Northern New York

John and Denise Kashorek have been in up state New York for several years teaching the Word of God to a people who, for the most part, are not interested in hearing “The Truth” but the Kashoreks have endured and have seen the congregation grow into an important part of the world.  Cedar Grove is proud to have supported this effort from its beginning. 

Bob Gray in Georgia Outreach

Bob and Betty Gray have worked long and hard to assist small struggling congregations to survive so those Christians could be an influence in their neighborhoods for God.  While most of their work has been in Georgia, they have made trips to South America with their son Phillip Gray to assist him in his Meso-American Ministries.  We are pleased to be working with the Grays in their efforts to save congregations in places that need God’s word taught. 

Phillip Gray in Meso-American Ministries 

Phillip Gray has devoted his work to the Spanish speaking nations such as Cuba and Chile.  Phillip conducts regular Spanish radio programs to teach God’s word.  He has traveled to Cuba on many occasions until they refused him entry but he is still getting his message to those people through his radio programs.  North America needs more Spanish-speaking ministers and we thank God that we are able to help this work.

  • Apologetics Press
  • J. C. Enlow and 21st Century Global Missions
  • Atlanta Inner City Ministry
  • Harvey Starling with Worldwide Evangelism
  • Doyle Kee with French World Missions
  • Bible Call at the Avondale Church
  • Where in The World is Cedar Grove?

Cedar Grove has been or is still going to the following places and other places we may not know about:

 Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, New York, Alabama, France, Switzerland, Romania, India, Africa, Haiti, Pacific Islands, Nicaragua, Japan, Canada, Russia, Chile, Ukraine and Cuba.


If you have a comment or suggestion, please send us an E-mail at info@cedargrovecofc.org.
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